Factors like:

  • Size of pool 
  • Location
  • Extra features like fountains, steam , sauna determine the cost of your new swimming pool.


Though the size of the pool is what is most crucial , other factors like

  • Chemicals for water safety and hygiene
  • Maintenance like repairs, safety tests and cleaning 
  • Electric power consumption for pump and heater( if used)

These attribute towards monthly/yearly costs


In India, outdoor swimming pools are around 10m x 5m (or 32 feet x 16 feet). Indoor swimming pools are slightly smaller at around 9m x 4.5m (or 30 feet x 15 feet)

To establish the right size, marking out the swimming pool on the lawn is generally the rule of the thumb.


Our design teams are more than capable to help you create your bespoke swimming pool design. With expert advice on shape, size, tiles and finishing


Liner pools are Vinyl lined pools, cost effective to install and reasonably good in aesthetics.

But, if durability, flexibility in design is what you are seeking then it has to be concrete pools.

Your requirements and budgets are critical to your choice


Once the construction commences-

Basic vinyl-lined pool -approximately 4 – 6 weeks*

Concrete pool -approximately 10 – 12 weeks*

*Please note that these are estimates and do not allow for any unforeseen delays/problems.


Water is recommended to be changed once a year.


The disinfectants that can be used are:

  • UV
  • Ozone
  • Salt Chlroinator
  • Ionization

You may select anyone of the above. These reduce chlorine dependency and are useful for killing bacteria and germs


A lab test every six months to check water quality and not ignoring daily test with the Test Kit to check PH and ppm content of water.

The chemical dosage regulation can be measured in this manner.


Your filtration system needs to be checked ideally once a year.

  • Pump leakages
  • Sand/replacement of sand
  • Pipes and Valves

If you have a trolley pump then it requires a clean- up every 3 months to remove the dust


To avoid confusion and blame game, it is recommended to have one agency for both waterproof tiling and filtration so that you have a comprehensive single window guarantee/warranty and future sales service


You can have your pool heated from a plethora of gadgets and systems-

  • Electric heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar heating


It is imperative to cover your pool if you are using a heat pump. It helps in maintaining desired temperature and preserving it.

The pool cover also protects any dust from entering the pool and mitigates extra cleaning work.


LED is a better power saving option that Halogen universally.


It is mandatory to have stocks of a variety of chemicals like TCCA 90, bleaching powder and alum to maintain the pool water clean and crystal clear.


Swimming pools are not just the pride of the owners but also their responsibilities. 

WPS offers an empathetic flexi hassle free maintenance contract

Choose from our plans:

  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Annual 

Else, we recommend an investment of one hour daily to attend to your pool for suction. sweeping and cleaning.