Pool Construction

You have made a great choice to opt for WPS Pools.

We pick only the finest building materials and deploy state of the art construction techniques to ensure that your swimming pool is aesthetically pleasing and functionally solid. Our experienced teams ensure that your project is ensconced in trusted hands that guide you through the process of your swimming pool construction  ensuring complete satisfaction.

There is no disparity whether you choose a large or small pool, at WPS you are dished out bespoke velvet glove treatment.

By choosing WPS, be rest assured that your project is in the safest of hands and the team works alongside your ideals of your pool design, through the entire build ensuring that your pool supersedes your expectations. We offer  a range of  construction options, depending on your space and design taste.

Pool Design

Our commitment to mutual professional goals are evident in knowledge sharing of  how different materials and technical applications can change the look, style and feel of your swimming pool or spa. Our designs are not just exclusive but also exquisite ranging from- formal to traditional look, natural looking lagoon and whatever fancies your mind.

Voyeur into the Pool Construction section of our website to learn about the different types of pools and our products to arrive at a most informed decision about your pool project.

WPS Pools design program allows our clients to play an integral role in the design and construction to blend and amalgamate mutual ideas. That’s a great stress reliever and working side by side with our experienced teams with the added convenience of dealing with a single contractor throughout the whole process.

Whether we provide the initial design or work with existing ideas, WPS Pools provides an unprecedented continuity of service, which will save time and money.

Pool Renovation

With a gallery of achievements be it  renovating existing swimming pools, or creating new ones over these years WPS is all ears to your needs and requirements. Perhaps a cleverly tweaked designed renovation can be cost effective and deliver a beautiful feature that could wow the uninitiated as a brand -new pool. Innovative finishes, lighting, new filtration systems or creating landscaped relaxation areas, we can reinvent any existing pool both in the residential or commercial domians.

Pool Maintenance

The foundation of a beautiful looking pool is its maintenance.Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your swimming pool safe, efficient, and looking good. We request our clients to finalise one of the four packages mentioned in the pool packages for seamless operation of the pool .